Exercise Eats: Real Food or Sports Foods?


Whether you’re gearing up for an upcoming race, training for college athletics, or just enjoying a long bike ride, fueling your body is key to performing and feeling your best both during and after exercise.

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Chocolate-Date Energy Bars

Cheryl Rule – Chocolate Date Energy Bars_485x278

Many energy bars come with a long list of ingredients and high dose of sugar. Skip the uncertainty and make your own. Naturally sweetened by dates and loaded with almonds for extended energy, these bars are sure to satisfy when hunger strikes.

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10 Brain Boosting Bites


The connection between food and healthy aging has been well-established. More recently though, scientists have found a relationship between certain foods and how the brain functions even beyond early development in children.

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Seven Ways to Pump Up Your Productivity

Overhead fruit smoothie

A quick internet search on how to be more productive results in more than 36 million (yes million!) articles. Whether you’re a working professional or a college student, figuring out how to be more productive in the limited hours you have each day may feel like a constant work in progress.

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Olive Oil Poached Salmon with Tomatoes and Herbs


Poaching can feel intimidating, but it’s actually a quite simple cooking technique. Make this beautifully poached wild salmon in minutes to serve over whole wheat pasta and vegetables, all by itself, or even on a sandwich the next day.

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Surprisingly Edible Plant Parts

Garden Beets

When most of us think of vegetables, we see visions of ruby red beets and vibrant carrots roasting in the oven, or forests of tree-like broccoli stalks waiting to be steamed or stir-fried. But, what about those feathery carrot tops or deep green beet or broccoli leaves?

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Plant-Based Eating YOUR Way

Falafel balls with yogurt dip and lettuce.Top view

Health experts like a good debate about food. When reviewing recommendations in the popular media, you may be hard pressed to find a consensus about the “best” diet.

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Plant Power for Cancer Prevention


When it comes to cancer, the stats are scary — one in two men and one in three women will get cancer sometime in their life. While that reality is daunting, don’t let it make you feel powerless.

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Eat These 10 Foods to Show Love for Your Heart


When talking about heart disease prevention, often the focus is on what you shouldn’t eat: red meat, cheese, salt, too much alcohol. While removing these foods from your diet can reduce your risk of heart disease, emphasizing what you can add to your plate to better your heart is just as important – and a lot more fun.

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Toasted Pepita Pesto

Cheryl Rule – toasted pepita pesto (orig)_546x320

Pesto can be made with almost any nut or seed one desires; this recipe uses pepitas. Toasting the pepitas releases their oils and deepens their flavor for a delicious take on the classic.

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A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution


Happy New Year! A fresh, new year, full of promise, resplendent with opportunity…rife with anxiety. Let’s admit it: Many of the resolutions we all set in the New Year are goals we set every year.

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Cumin-Scented Wheat Berry and Lentil Soup

Cheryl Rule – cumin-scented wheat berry lentil soup (orig)

Start a meal with a warm cup of soup and reap the benefits. This filling, hot, fiber-loaded soup will help curb your appetite, which can help with portion control. To save time, cook a large batch of wheat berries ahead of time and store in the refrigerator for up to one week for healthy, nutty grains at your fingertips.

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7 Foods to Boost Your Immunity

Cloves of Galic in a Wooden Serving Scoop

No one plans to get sick, and it always seems like a cold or flu hits at your busiest times. While you can’t completely avoid germs (unless you want to avoid public places altogether), there are many ways to amp up your immune system so your body is ready to fight back.

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Garbanzo Cauliflower Soup

Cheryl Rule – Garbanzo Cauliflower Soup (orig)

Cozy up in your favorite chair and enjoy this hearty nutrient-loaded soup. Before taking your first spoonful, take a mindful moment to smell the deep aromas and hint of paprika as the steam warms your face.

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Avoiding Gluten?

Artisan Sourdough Bread

For our guests with gluten-related disorders or those avoiding gluten for other reasons, we offer “made without gluten-containing ingredient” options.

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Food Allergens


We take food allergies seriously. Our menu items are prepared from scratch in our kitchens each day using the freshest, highest quality selections available seasonally and regionally. As a result, we do not operate from corporate recipes and ingredients and products change frequently in our kitchens.  If you have food allergy concerns, our well-trained chefs…Read More

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Plant-Based Diets for Everyone


More people are choosing to eat a plant-based diet, whether it be a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet; a pescetarian diet (includes fish), or a more flexible diet that includes a mix of plant-based meals and those that include meat and poultry (the “flexitarian” diet, or other options like Mark Bittman’s “vegan before 6”).  People…Read More

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Eating for a Happy Wallet

Cutting mushroom

While many health and fitness websites, blogs, and magazines may have you believing that healthy eating is only for top earners, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Eating Healthy in the Workplace


The workplace can be one of the biggest saboteurs of eating healthy. It’s where many of us spend the majority of our days, and from working lunches, office candy jars, and celebrations, it’s easy for unwanted calories to sneak in without even realizing it. Pair that with a sedentary desk job and you have a recipe for packing on extra pounds.

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Managing Your Weight? Who Isn’t…

FFYWB_6 – Energy Balance_CBA

For most, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight involves lifestyle modifications of healthy eating, physical activity, and behavior changes such as managing stress and getting enough sleep.

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The (Bitter)Sweet Truth about Sugars

Healthy Dessert with Cereals and Yoghurt

In recent years, sugar has been deemed a major contributor to our nation’s obesity crisis, along with other health conditions. It’s true that added sugars add empty calories to one’s diet, and few of us need more of those!

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Power-Up with Plant Protein

Healthy fresh cauliflower and squash salad

Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps our bodies build and maintain muscles, keeps hair, skin, and nails healthy, and shuttles nutrients to our cells.

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The Unsuspecting Health Barometer: Your Gut

Fresh vegetables for roasting on rustic wooden background

It is well established that the billions of bacteria that reside in your gut are important for digestive health. In recent years, though, scientists have discovered that the state of health in your gut may be a window into your overall health status and risk for certain diseases down the road.

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The Pros (and Cons) of Probiotics

Portion of Blueberry Yogurt

Probiotics have gotten a lot of attention in recent years as helping lay a foundation for a healthy gut. They’ve infiltrated their way into our grocery stores, and supplement makers may have you wondering if a little probiotic pill is the secret to feeling great.

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Seven Ways to Kick Your Sugar Habit

Fresh Plum Assortment

Americans are consuming nearly 150 pounds of added sugar per year —  that’s approximately 42 teaspoons per day! The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar consumption to no more than 6 teaspoons for women and children, and 9 teaspoons for men —  quite a lot less than most are consuming. While sugar-sweetened beverages and…Read More

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Navigating the Holidays, Nutritiously


Most of us experience a host of challenges to our wellness goals during the holidays. We’re crunched for time, with social gatherings, volunteer service, shopping excursions, family activities, and faith events all crowding the calendar and making it even harder to fit in exercise and healthy meals.

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Cheers Without the Fear — Navigating Holiday Beverages

christmas time

From holiday parties and family celebrations to shopping trips and end-of-semester traditions, the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can feel like one marathon celebration. Pair that with all of the tempting holiday foods and drinks that are everywhere you turn, and it’s easy to see how the average American gains between one to five pounds during the holiday season – many of which unfortunately will stick around after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

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A Recipe for Healthy Summertime Celebrations


Backyard barbecues, pool parties, picnics in the park, and trips to the ice cream shop — ahh, the signs of summer! Between a calendar full of festive occasions and the whirlwind of summertime travel, it’s easy to let your healthy habits slide.

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The Hype on Whole Grains

Healthy Quinoa Pilaf

In recent years, grains have been quite the controversial food category. From books like “Wheat Belly” or “Grain Brain” to popular diets that eliminate grains like Whole 30 and The Paleo Diet, it may seem like grains are the cause of all health problems. For most people, however, whole grains are part of a healthy diet.

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